If you’re not sure how to recruit interns, you’re not alone. Many large companies run their own dedicated intern programs, but the vast majority of Tulsa’s small businesses have neither the time nor the resources to pull that off.

That’s where Intern In Tulsa comes in.

Quickly and easily setup a company profile to post internship openings as you have them. Browse candidate profiles to learn more about your prospective interns than you would from a faceless resume, letting you make smarter (and more profitable) decisions.


Plenty of lead time
Post your offering well in advance of the intern’s actual start date. Two to three months is a good rule of thumb.

Clarity prevails
Some internships simply involve general office support, others include specific tasks. Clearly spell out your expectations of an intern’s contribution so no one feels shorted. It’s ok to have duties “as assigned” – just make sure your candidates understand what they’re signing up for.

Money talks
Be clear about whether the internship is paid or unpaid, if you reimburse for travel expenses, etc. That’s an awkward conversation to have on someone’s first day.

Be yourself
Prospective interns (and employees) increasingly consider a company’s workplace culture before applying. Don’t shy away from highlighting unique or interesting aspects that sets your place of business apart!