Need an internship, but don’t know where to start? Right this way, please.

Our profile-based approach to finding internships means you and your hopeful boss get to know each other a little better before committing.

The more info you include in your profile, the better you’ll look on the other end to the hiring manager. Similarly, dig through a company’s profile to get a feel for their workplace before blindly firing off an application.


Look the part, be the part
You want a professional looking photo, even if it wasn’t taken by a pro. A simple shot from the chest up against a neutral background works well -- leave the silly faces, cats and horse head masks for Snapchat. And smile!

Digital identity check
Yes: prospective employers will Google you and look you up on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. So be mindful of what you post and say online.

Learned a new skill?
Learned a new skill? Make sure your Intern In Tulsa profile shows it off! The more value you can add to a company, the more that company will value having you on their team.

Expand your horizons
Work experience of any kind has value to future employers, so try not to limit yourself to an overly specific position. An internship is a chance to be a more well-rounded person, not master a particular specialty.